Product Highlight

  • Unlocking Versatility with the SK+ Series Soft Shackle Hitch

    The SK+ Series Soft Shackle Hitch is a top-of-the-line towing accessory that is designed to be compatible with a wide range of towing equipment, including soft shackles, steel shackles, and winch hooks. Its unique teardrop-shaped eyelet allows for easy attachment and secure towing.
  • Soft Shackle with Diamond Knot vs Button Knot: A Comparison

    Soft shackles with Diamond knotΒ vs with Button knot:Β strengths, appearances, and practicality...
  • Revolutionizing Vehicle Recovery-Innovative New Products

    George4x4's new products make vehicle recovery safer and lighter. The Button Knot Winch Rope (BKWR), Soft Extension Sling (SES), and Soft Extension Loop (SEL) are made from ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, a strong and low-stretch material. The metal-free BKWR uses a button knot instead of a hook for attaching, while the SES extends the rope and functions as a soft shackle. The SEL attaches the BKWR to the recovery system. These products are designed to work together for a safer, lighter, and more efficient recovery system.
  • Strong, Stylish, Supreme: George4x4 Snatch Rings

    George4x4's winch pulley ring is an innovative and durable product designed to fit soft shackles and synthetic winch ropes. With a unique design that includes increased thickness, a deepened groove, tapered surface, and a well-sized eyelet, the ring withstood rigorous breaking tests of up to 20 tons. Overall, the winch ring is a high-quality and essential addition to any off-road kit.
  • G Link: It's the New Age of Winching!

    Why choose G Links over winch hooks and other winch shackles? What benefits does it have?Β 
    1️⃣ Rounded Eye with Extra Large Diam. πŸ₯³
    2️⃣ IP Australia Certified & Proprietary βœ…
    3️⃣ Suit for Both Soft Shackle & D Shackle πŸ™Œ
    4️⃣ Easily installed in minutes πŸ‘Œ
  • Winch Hook Instruction (winch hook with half hammerlock integrated)

    George4x4 winch recovery hook is designed with a half hammerlock at the top and a hook at the bottom with a safety latch, for an easy connection. T...
  • What is a Black Eye Soft Shackle and Why You Need One for Your 4x4 Adventures?

    The Black Eye Soft Shackle by George4x4 is a safer, more versatile, and more durable option than traditional steel shackles for off-road adventures. Made of high-strength synthetic fibres, they're designed to break under extreme loads and are more environmentally friendly. The Black Eye design prevents the small loop from becoming spread when passing through a shackle receiver, making it easier and safer to use, and provides an additional layer of protection, increasing its lifespan and durability.
  • What is an SK+ hitch?

    George4x4 has released a series of new designed soft shackle hitch, also known as SK hitch. This one is an upgraded version which is called SK+ hit...
  • Something you should know about Soft Shackle Hitch

    George4x4's recovery hitch has several advantages, including being made of aluminum alloy, which makes it lighter and more portable. The hitch has...