George4x4 Recovery Kit includes 1pc*Snatch Strap 9m*8000kg 1pc*Tree Trunk Protector (Orange), 75mm*3m*12000kg 2pcs*Soft Shackles Australian made 10mm*60cm*13300kg 1pc*Extension Tow Rope (Yellow), Australian made 10mm*10m/20m*9500kg 1pc*Aluminum Pulley Snatch Ring 10000kg 1pc*Aluminum Hitch Receiver 5ton 1pc*Carry Bag

4WD Recovery Kit(8pcs): 8Ton Snatch Strap + Tree Trunk Protector + 2*Soft Shackles + Soft Shackle Hitch (SK) + Snatch Ring + Tow Extension Rope + Bag

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George4x4 Recovery Kit

Dependable recovery equipment is essential for a safe and enjoyable off-road experience. George4x4 offers a variety of recovery kits, ranging from basic, improved, complete to heavy-duty. No matter where your adventure takes you, we have you covered.

This kit includes: 

1pc*Snatch Strap 9m (Orange)

Breaking Strength: 8000kg

1pc*Tree Trunk Protector (Orange), Australian made


Breaking Strength: 12000kg

2pcs*Soft Shackles (Yellow diamond), Australian made


Breaking Strength: 13300kg  

1pc*Extension Towing Rope (Yellow), Australian made




Breaking Strength: 9500kg

1pc*Aluminum Pulley Snatch Ring, Australian designed and NATA accredited lab tested

Inner-Outer diam: 30mm-100mm 

Breaking Strength: 10000kg 

1pc*Hitch Receiver 5ton, made of aluminium

1pc*Heavy Duty Carry Bag

If you want to build your own 4WD recovery kit

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