Soft shackle Hitch SK matte black with Soft Shackle George 4x4 recovery gear

Buy Soft Shackle Hitch (SK) & Get one 15000kg Purple Soft Shackle for FREE

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Soft Shackle Hitch and Free Soft Shackle 

This kit includes

1pc*Soft Shackle Hitch (Matte Black)


Breaking Strength: 20000kg  

Free-1pc*Soft Shackle (Purple diamond), Australian-made


Breaking Strength: 15000kg  


  • Hitch made of Aluminium Alloy T6, Light and convenient
  • 50mm*50mm*170mm (170mm length)
  • WLL 5000kg, Minimum Breaking test: 20000kg
  • The hitch hole is smooth and round edge, friendly designed for Soft Shackle
  • Hitch is multiple-holes designed to connect vertically and horizontally
  • Can connect directly with soft shackles and D shackles
  • Suit for standard hitch pin (5/8'')16mm 
  • Power coating in black
  • Tested by NATA-accredited lab
  • Soft shackle made and tested in Australia


  • Always keep it clean, wash it before and after use
  • Any small rocks or sand particles must be cleaned before tightening
  • Do not join together with a pulling or a recovery point if there are any sharp edges

Custom length acceptable!

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