Unleash the Power: Mastering Complex Winching Skills -The 'Spanish Burton' Technique

Off-roading is an exhilarating adventure that pushes both the vehicle and the driver to their limits. However, with great thrills come great challenges, and one of the key skills every off-roader should master is winching. While basic winching techniques are essential knowledge, mastering advanced winching techniques can greatly enhance your off-road experience and help you tackle even the most difficult terrains with confidence.


In this blog, we will dive into a lesser-known winching technique called the 'Spanish Burton' Technique, which can effectively multiply or even quadruple the pulling power of your winch.

Check out the Spanish Burton setup winching system in action⏯here and learn more in the rest of the blog! 

How can a 'Spanish Burton' achieve a 4:1 mechanical advantage:

In a basic winching setup without any additional equipment, the winch applies a straight-line pull on the vehicle. However, Double Line Pull (DLP) setup can effectively doubles the line pull capabilities of the winch, resulting in a 2:1 mechanical advantage.

The 'Spanish Burton' is an expansion of the DLP setup. By incorporating a double line pull setup with a winch ring (or pulley block), further double the line pull capabilities, hence achieving a 4:1 mechanical advantage. This means that the winch can exert four times the pulling force compared to a standard single line pull setup.

Spanish burton

Let's break down the steps involved in the process:

Gather the Necessary Equipment:

  • Winch Extension Rope: Used to extend the reach of your winch.
  • Soft Shackles: Essential for attaching and securing winch ropes.
  • Tree Trunk Protector: Safeguard tree trunks and aid in winching operations.
  • Snatch Rings (or Pulley Blocks): Double the line pull capabilities of your winch.
  • Safety Blankets: Provide protection and control during the winching process.
  • Winch: The heart of your winching setup.
  • Gloves: Protect your hands during winching operations.
spanish burton setup gear needed

Setting Up the Winching Operation:

  • Attach the winch extension rope to the front of your vehicle.
  • Walk the extension rope towards the Anchor Point and create a loop position on the ground.
  • Set up a configuration using a soft shackle, tree trunk protector, and winch ring for a standard double line pull.

Executing the Advanced Winching Technique:

  • Spool out your winch line as if preparing for a double line pull.
  • Add a second winch ring with a soft shackle to the winch extension rope.
  • Take up the tension, check the winch rings, and secure the winch damper.
  • Start winching while maintaining control and monitoring the entire process.

The Benefits of the 'Spanish Burton' Technique:

  • Increased pulling power: By utilizing this advanced winching technique, you can effectively multiply or even quadruple the pulling power of your winch.
  • Enhanced control: The setup allows for a controlled and safe winching operation, even in challenging situations.
  • Versatility: This method can be used in various off-road recovery situations, providing you with a reliable winching solution.

Conclusion: Mastering complex winching skills like the 'Spanish Burton' Technique can elevate your off-road capabilities and provide you with the confidence to tackle challenging off-road situations with ease. Remember to always prioritize safety, use proper gear, and practice these techniques in controlled environments before applying them in real-life scenarios. 

So, gear up, equip yourself with knowledge, and unleash the full potential of your winch with advanced winching techniques. Happy off-roading!

spanish burton rigging

Disclaimer: Off-road activities, including winching, can be dangerous. Always prioritize safety, follow manufacturer guidelines, and seek professional training if needed.