How to open and close a Soft Shackle?

To open and close a soft shackle, follow these steps:

  1. Grasp the loop end of the soft shackle in one hand and the knot end in the other hand.

  2. Pull the loop end away from the knot end to loosen the shackle.

  3. Slide the knot out of the loop, and you should now have an open shackle.

  4. To close the shackle, slide the knot through the loop and pull the loop end tight.

  5. Double-check the shackle to ensure it is properly closed and secure before use.

Remember to always inspect the soft shackle before and after use to ensure there is no damage or wear. Also, make sure to use the soft shackle only for its intended purpose and within its load capacity.

George4x4 offers a range of sizes and colors to meet the needs of different customers and applications. This makes it easier for customers to find the right size and color soft shackle for their specific needs. Additionally, George4x4's soft shackles are made in Australia and tested in Australian conditions, ensuring their quality and reliability.