How Should I Choose the Size of the Soft Shackle?

How to Choose the size of the Soft Shackle? 

What Soft Shackle fits SK hitches? How about G-Links? Snatch Rings? Choose the correct size of soft shackle to make your recovery easier and safer! 
  • For SK+ hitches, aka Soft Shackle Hitch with extra large/pearshaped eyelet, are at size of 170mm. Soft Shackles at up to 22000kgs are suitable.
  • For SK hitches, aka Soft Shackle Hitch, comes with regular size of 170mm and extended  size of 230mm. Soft Shackles at up to 18000kgs are suitable.
  • For G-Links, aka Winch Rope Link, fits Soft Shackle at size of up to 30000kg.
  • For Winch Rings, aka Snatch Pulley Ring, comes with sizes of 11000kg and 15000kg. The former Ring fits Soft Shackle at size of up to 24500kg, and the latter Ring fits Soft Shackle at size of up to 30000kg.
30000kg 26000kg 24500kg 22000kg 19800kg 18000kg 16000kg 15000kg 13300kg







Winch Ring 11000kg

Winch Ring 15000kg


Note: Sizes stated are limited for George4x4 Soft Shackles,  soft shackles of other brands may vary.