4WD Recovery Kit 3PCS, Snatch Strap + 2 Rated shackle 4.7ton

4WD Recovery Kit 3PCS, Snatch Strap + 2 Rated shackle 4.7ton

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George4x4 recovery kit: Dependable recovery equipment is the key to safe and enjoyable off-road experience. George4x4 offers a variety of recovery kits from basic, improved, complete and heavy duty. Wherever your adventure takes you we have you covered.

This kit includes:

1* Snatch strap
(available size 8000kg and 11000kg), made by 100% nylon, with 20% stretching.
2*Rated shackle 4.7ton (Color available in GREEN or SILVER depending on stock)



  • The snatch strap is a SNATCHING webbing strap with reinforced eyelets at both ends. Snatching is necessary when you or your mates are stuck in sand or in deep mud, the recovery vehicle should drive away at a slow speed creating a pull thats stores kinetic energy until there is enough force to free the bogged vehicle.

    It is recommended that the snatch strap you are using is 2 – 3 times the weight of your loaded vehicle.

  • Tips: Do not use the towing balls as the recovery point. Do not connect to any sharp edges and always use rated recovery points. Always keep the strap and shackles clean before and after use. Reject if any damage is noticed.