Shackle are an Essential item of vehicle recovery whilst on road or off road, Commonly use together with recovery snatch straps
5 ton Recovery Hitch Receiver made by Solid steel, Galv. And Powder Coating.
When properly secured, tow hooks provide an idea RATED recovery point.
Soft Shackle is designed for Safer/Stronger/Lighter and easier to use, start from fishman, Great Replace for Steel Shackle. But good enough as a joint for 4WD.
George 4x4 drag chain is used for moving fallen timber and debris off the trail or others situations where heavy hauling is necessary over the group or rough surfaces
A winch extension strap looks similar to a snatch strap without the elastic characteristics and should be used as a straight pulling medium.
A Tree trunk protector allows you to use a Trunk as an anchor point minimizing harm to the tree.
The equalizer strap are generally used in conjunction with a snatch strap or extension strap.
The snatch strap is an SNATCHING webbing strap with a reinforced eyelet at both ends.
Georg4x4 choose the material of Nylon with 100% double braided, which make the rope got higher Elongation & more stretch up to 30%
As the connector for joint the Eye sling hook or Safety Hook with Winch Rope eyelet.
Easy handling with half link joint. No needs splice the winch rope again.
Synthetic rope use for take place of Winch cable( steel wire rope) cause the strong and very light material.
Real Heavy-duty design! Pulley wheel with solid steel machined We offer 10ton only with green steel plate and yellow wheel.
George4x4 Revoery kits is essential gears for anyone consider a winching or snatching recovery. from basic package to complete package.
Hitch Pin Lockable L Type Hitch Pin Lockable S-Straight